£30,000 government loan boosts UK student jobsite

Hi, I'm Sue Harrison – I'm MD and co-founder of studentgemscom

I'm Joanna Ward, and I am the commercial director and co-founder of studentgemscom Studentgemscom is a website that matches businesses with students for paid one-off jobs and project work Actually, it's students and graduates – especially in the current climate The idea about the website is that a business say wants a logo – types in logo design into the website – and up come all the students who can design logos for them the business will save money and the students will earn more money than pulling a pint, use their developing skills and gain relevant commercial experience

We were told about the commercialization fund by our mentor from the IGT locally which was a fund run by SEEDA with two arms to it – there was the proof of concept stage and the commercialization stage and we were unfortunately too late for the proof of concept stage because we actually had proved the concept of our website already so we wanted to apply for the commercialization stage which would give us £30,000 as a maximum for some very specific things Very straightforward process – we sent off our application and then met one of the advisors who gave us some further pointers of things we needed to do before actually submitting our application one of which was to monetize the site which we did and we then made a presentation to the panel, answered their questions and lucky enough were awarded the money and they told us on the day, which was absolutely great for us because we were going off to meet an angel investor straight afterwards becase we were also looking for angel money obviously it was a great thing for us to be able to say that we'd been successful in raising some government money and it definitely had a positive impact because we went on to get our angel investors, as well If I was to give some advice to people who were setting out on the funding trail right now I think I'd say talk to people who'd already done it and find out where they got their money from and use that as a starting base, but then build up your own bank of knowledge as to where funds are available because nobody knows everything nobody knows all the sources so do your own research and along the way just make sure you listen to people and take advice