Alice Tembo explains how access to small loans have helped improve her life

My name is Alice Tembo I am in the Pamodzi Women's Group, this is my 10th loan cycle From the loans I have managed to buy a farm, 15 hectares, in Petauke and I also look after orphans

I don't have difficulties making repayments on the loans The loans really help because women in Zambia are the most vulnerable We are asking you, our lenders, to continue giving us this money so we can continue being financially independent women If in the future we stop getting loans from the MicroLoan Foundation (MLF) we will still be able to stand on our own two feet because of the help we have received so far In December 2014 I had a kidney problem but because of the profits from my business, I was able to buy medicine for myself

I thank MicroLoan and the lenders for the empowerment I have been given I also thank MLF for the training they offer Because of this training the group supported me when I was not well and helped me when I had to spend some time in hospital I was also able to look after my 14 year old daughter who became pregnant and the father would not support her or the baby I took my daughter back to school so she can have a bright future and she will be able to look after me and her siblings in the future

Because of all these things I am very thankful to the lenders and MicroLoan Thank you