How to Make the Buyer Feel Comfortable in Purchasing From You the First Time!


The reason most people are hesitant of doing business with you the first time is that they do not know you personally, do not know anyone who does not know you, do not yet trust you, or they feel completely at risk with their hard -earned money.

So how do you overcome this seemingly insurmountable obstacle?

May I suggest that you completely reverse the risk to the prospect.

In other words …

"You, the seller, take all the risk … instead of your customer."

Now you may think that I'm nuts. Please hold your judgment for a moment.

Let's look at this, as always, from your customer's point of view.

Let's say you were in the market for a nice, late-model used car.

You drive into the car dealership and are greeted by a cordial salesman, who after letting you browse around for a while, suggests that you test drive the car that you're interested in.

So off you go and sure enough, this one looks like just the thing you've been looking for.

And when you get back, you sit down (in that little cubicle) with the salesman and go through all the regular car sales stuff and finally come together on a deal.

And you're ready to sign and then you see it …


Do you think you might just quit a little or tell the salesman, "No Deal."

Now let's contrast this with the dealership down the street. Same browsing, same test drive, same regular car sales stuff. And then the salesman offers you this written guarantee …

"If for any reason at all, you're not completely satisfied with the purchase of your car, just bringing it back within 30 days and will fix it, or if you wish, we will refund 100% of your money. And we'll even pay for the gas that you've used during the month. "

Which car dealer would you buy from?

The second one for sure, right?

Now do you think he gets some people who would bring their car back to him during the month? And he may be making some repairs, and even possibly refunding some money?


However, do you think his sales and profits are going through the roof because of this guarantee?



Because he has effectively taken the risk out of buying a car from his dealership. And it makes the car buyer feel comfortable in making the purchase.

Now what can you learn from this little story.

First, you must stand 100% behind your product / service.

Offer to your customers a 100% money-back guarantee, that if for any reason they are not delelled with what they have received, that you will return 100% of the money back to them.

Now you can put time limits to this, but I would recommend the longer the guarantee the better.

Are you not sure that you're comfortable in giving this strong of a guarantee?

Shame on you.

There are only two reasons why anyone should buy from you …

1. You're going to solve their problem
2. You're going to make them feel better

And if you're not doing one or both of these for your customer, then you do not deserve their money. You should strive to have all happy customers by providing the best possible service and products. And you should never keep anyone's money who is unhappy with your
product / service.

Are you going to have some who return for a full refund?

Sure. Some people will not see the full value that you have offered them. That happens.

But are you going to have a lot more sales because you're offering your risk-reversal, 100% money-back guarantee to your prospects?

I know so.

Do you?


How about giving them some free bonuses that they can keep even if they return your product / service for a refund?

That's what is called a "better-than-risk-free money-back guarantee".

Here's my best advice.

Sell ​​your product / service with a 100% money-back guarantee with the longest free return you possibly can, and your sales will skyrocket because …

"You, the seller, take all the risk … instead of your customer."


Source by Latease Rikard

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