Relendex: A Peer-to-Peer UK Property Lending Platform

Are you looking to grow your money? Peer-to-peer property lending is a new form of investment that could be right for you It brings individuals together to lend on loans secured against UK commercial and residential properties

By lending your money out, you can earn up to 10% on your investment With Relendex it is a simple process to get started You just have to register transfer in and then pick a loan to invest in Invest as little as £500 to let your money grow So how does peer-to-peer property lending work? Peter is a property developer who is looking to redevelop a property in Manchester but needs £500,000 to get things started

He comes to Relendex where we evaluate his proposition If it passes all our checks, we put it up on the marketplace where Lenders are invited to place their bids With rates of up to 10% your money can grow, and grow, and grow Our usual loan term is 12-18 months Interest is paid out quarterly so you can reinvest it if you wish

However please remember that any funds lent through the platform are loans and not deposits, this means your capital is at risk Loans through the Relendex platform are secured against UK property it could be a commercial unit or a tenanted flat All security is independently valued by professional valuers The loan amount can never exceed 70% of a market value of a property In the event the Borrower is unable to repay the loan, the property can be sold off to repay Lenders

To protect your capital as well as taking security we suggest you spread your money over a number of loans What if you need access to you capital earlier? We have a Resale Marketplace where you can buy and sell Loan Parts This of course is dependent on whether any fellow Lenders are willing to sell or buy from you So if you want to get rates up to 10% by lending your money out register with us! Complete a brief registration form on our website and once we verify your identity you will be able to start investing for as little as £500 Grow your money with Relendex

Fully authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority