Reverse Mortgage Companies


A flexible term that allows senior citizen homeowners to raise funds that can be used for college schooling or traveling is offered by reverse mortgage companies. The reverse mortgage system is a perfect solution that increases retirement income without the hassles of taxes and credit problems for the borrowers.

Reverse mortgage companies offers loan to homeowners that are senior citizens with homes fully paid or have a very minimal balance during the time of the application. The loans received by the homeowners do not have any kind of restriction in terms of usage.

The reverse companies’ comes with the following advantages:

Homeowners retain all control of their house ownership and have the option to pass the property to its heirs as inheritance. Also, they can live in their homes without the worry of being evicted anytime due to defaults.

The loan was backed by the federal insurance at a certain amount that is very affordable in a flexible payment scheme and will be paid by the reverse mortgage companies.They will include the insurance premium, both up-front payment and monthly premium in the principal balance that will be paid when the house was sold by the owners.

Eligibility to be granted a loan does not include the income generation capability of the homeowner. Loan amounts were determined by the age of the borrower, home’s value and the location of the asset. A reverse mortgage calculator is available online for those who are planning to apply for loan.

The loan is tax free and if the property was sold later on, the depreciation value of the home will be covered by the appropriate federal government agency of housing. Homeowner does not need to pay for more than the selling value of their home during repayment.

Defaults by the reverse mortgage companies will not be a burden to the homeowners.

Homeowners do not need to face the worry of committing mistakes in choosing the best companies because their home will never be foreclosed even if there are defaults. They are covered by federal insurance which will be charged to them by the company later on when they decided to sell their house and move to another location.

Reverse mortgage companies based the period of repayments on the following:

Obvious neglect of the property that will lead to deterioration

Death of the borrower or heirs of the borrowers

Permanent transfer of the borrowers and its heir to another home

Although this seems to be suspiciously too perfect, the reverse mortgage companies are is not a scam but are lenders who are trustworthy that are backed up by the federal government.


Source by Miodrag Trajkovic

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  1. Interest rates on reverse mortgage differ from company to company, apparently their offers may look attractive to customers but their policies and interest rates should be taken into knowledge before signing any contract with them and if the company is trustworthy and backed by government or not.

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