SGE Loans

SGE Loans is a loan broker based in the UK that specializes in logbook loans, guarantor loans, secured loans, unsecured loans, tenant loans, and payday loans History SGE Loans is part of SGE Group, a collection of businesses that include SGE Payday, SGE Games, Switch Gas & Electric

com, Switch & Comparecom, and SGE Discounts “SGE” stands for “Switch Gas and Electric” Switch Gas and Electric was founded in 2009 and runs a group of utility comparison sites throughout the UK, letting customers compare their energy costs across a number of different companies Based out of Leeds in West Yorkshire, SGE Loans was established in 2011 as a company authorized to match customers with appropriate logbook loans, guarantor loans, and payday loans

Sally Hill is the director CEO of SGE Loans, coming from serving as an executive for both Yes Loans and No Worries Loans, which were also loan brokers in the UK Ms Hill is also the Managing Director of Switch Gas and Electric Ltd Switch Gas and Electric Ltd This group of companies was initially established to assist customers in saving money on their household utility bills, such as gas and electricity They focus on finding less expensive suppliers for consumers, and on finding ways for consumers to reduce their energy consumption in order to save more They are also concerned with reducing energy consumption for the sake of the environment, and advise customers on alternative energy sources

The group evolved to include the lending arm when the company determined that struggling consumers could benefit from having a reliable lender that could work with them and provide trustworthy lending services to those needing loans Unlike other types of loans, the loans offered by SGE are based on different criteria for eligibility, such as available security or present employment denoting the ability to pay the loan back within a certain period of time The use of this type of criteria often allows the lender to provide loans to people who have poor credit history Rather than making the loans themselves, they act as a broker, looking at a customer’s needs and comparing it to loans available from a number of different providers

In addition to providing loan services, SGE Loans participates in its local community in Leeds They are involved with the Leeds Community Foundation in raising funds for community-based projects In 2013, they established an arrangement with the Leeds Community Foundation to allow employees to give direct donations to the foundation via the Just Giving program, becoming the first corporate supporter of the non-profit organization to do so External Links http:wwwsgeloans

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