Student Finance for UK/EU Students

Money shouldn’t be a barrier to going to university A tuition fee loan is available if you are from the UK and EU or you can set up a manageable payment plan to cover your tuition If you’re a UK student you can borrow an additional amount to cover your living expenses

It is important to remember that your loans will incur interest, but repayment will be based on your future earnings rather than the total amount borrowed You only enter repayment once you have left University and earning at least £21,000 per year and after 30 years, any outstanding debt is written off Non-repayable support is available if you have a disability, a dependent child or an adult who depends on you financially Your details are shared with the University who will automatically assess whether you are eligible for a Chamberlain Award which may provide you with additional cash Check what scholarships are available as you could get further support based on your achievements

You should apply for student finance as soon as applications open If you need any support, the University has dedicated team on hand